Family Friendly Galapagos Adventure


Hailed as the wildlife sanctuary of South America, the Galápagos Islands are sure to be on everyone’s travel bucket list. The largely uninhabited islands that once served as Darwin’s living laboratory hold a truly unique appeal, calling us to almost travel back in time to a place untouched by humans for centuries. From the exotic creatures to the fascinating History of the islands, incredible hiking trails and unforgettable vistas – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.So if you’re looking to give your kids a crash cruise on exotic life and have some family fun along the way, take a look at our recommendations for yacht trips and hotel stays on the beautiful Galápagos Islands.Yachts

One of the best ways to explore the wealth of wildlife in the Galápagos Islands is to board a comfortable ship and be led by expert guides on day excursions to the various islands. Below, you’ll find a selection of our recommended vessels.

Yacht La Pinta

Boasting some of the largest cabins of any Galápagos vessel, Yacht La Pinta is where luxury meets adventure. The yacht is the newest vessel operated by Ecuador’s longest established travel company which pioneered travel to the Galápagos in the 1950s. For 4, 5 or 8 days you will be led by expert guides that will ensure you’ll have plenty of fascinating wildlife encounters during the various excursions. La Pinta also is perfect for families, with plenty of connecting cabins and beds that can be joined or separated, according to guests’ wishes.

Coral I & II

Coral I and II are sister luxury yachts that perfectly combine the personal touch of smaller ships with the exquisite services of bigger vessels. Accommodating 36 and 20 passengers respectively, Coral I and II run itineraries ranging from compact 4-day adventures to longer 15-day excursions. Onboard, you’ll find plenty of excellent facilities such as a relaxing Jacuzzi, sunbathing areas and large common rooms with panoramic windows so you never miss a sighting. Interconnected cabins are available for families and children under the age of 12 can travel with a discount up to 50%.

Galápagos Explorer II

One of the larger Galápagos vessels, Galápagos Explorer II will take you through the islands at a comfortable speed of 17 knots for anywhere between 4 and 15 days. Boasting 53 suites, the cruise ship can accommodate up to 100 passengers which are split up into smaller groups during the day excursions. Daily and nightly activities, such as chocolate-making lessons and social events like the “King Neptune’s Party”, will help keep your little ones entertained onboard.

Legend Galápagos

Legend Galápagos is a deluxe cruise ship offering luxury without formality. Although it is one of the bigger ships cruising the archipelago, Legend Galápagos offers all of the amenities of a large vessel without sacrificing the intimacy you’d expect on a smaller yacht. Its personalized service, customizable tours and expert multilingual naturalist guides will ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. Children under the age of 11 can receive a discount of up to 50%.


When day excursions aren’t enough for you to experience the wildlife sanctuary in the archipelago, you can also opt for spending the night on one of the islands. Below, you can find a couple of our recommendations for a fun-filled family hotel stay on the Galápagos Islands.

Galapagos Safari Camp

This family-owned property seeks to combine the magic of African safaris with the tradition of the Galápagos. The tented camp, with its discreet luxury and unobtrusive construction, is located on a 55-hecatre farm and offers farm-to-table cuisine, an infinity pool, a viewpoint terrace and a seasonal kids club. Families can stay in the Family Suite which houses up to six guests and includes a play room.

Finch Bay Eco Hotel

This ecologically-oriented hotel will be your Galápagos headquarters during your adventure on the archipelago. Located next to the only public beach on the south side of Santa Cruz Island, Finch Bay Eco Hotel offers six suites with ocean views and 21 rooms with all the comforts and luxuries you’ll need. The hotel’s naturalist guides and yacht can also take you on a number of exploration activities such as day excursions to nearby islands, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking and more.

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