Recession is the Best Time to Travel

Best Time to Travel

It may be hard to find the best time to travel and people doubt if a recession could be a good chance. Recession isn’t a distant myth anymore. After the tough 2009 economic crisis, everyone around the world felt the dire effects of unemployment, devalued currency, and increased prices on consumer goods.But recession has also proven to be an excellent time for opportunity. In the business world, many start-ups have successfully launched during the recent recession and established companies have found innovative ways to expand and remain relevant. The same logic has applied to the travel industry.

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Hippie Fair in Ipanema


One of Rio’s most popular tourist attractions, the Feira Hippie de Ipanema (Hippie Fair in Ipanema) has its origins in the 1960s. Set up initially by Brazil’s Flower Power generation, today the market is held every Sunday (rain or shine) from 9am to 5pm and attracts people from all walks of life – including many travelers too!With over 700 stalls spread across Praça General Osório, the fair has been hailed as the world’s largest open-air art and crafts gallery. The Hippie Fair is the perfect place to pick up authentic Brazilian folk art, jewelry, and even bikinis – all at a reasonable price. Those looking for a place to grab a bite before heading down to the beach will also find some delicious Brazilian treats here. Read more


Family Friendly Galapagos Adventure


Hailed as the wildlife sanctuary of South America, the Galápagos Islands are sure to be on everyone’s travel bucket list. The largely uninhabited islands that once served as Darwin’s living laboratory hold a truly unique appeal, calling us to almost travel back in time to a place untouched by humans for centuries. From the exotic creatures to the fascinating History of the islands, incredible hiking trails and unforgettable vistas – there’s something for everyone to enjoy.So if you’re looking to give your kids a crash cruise on exotic life and have some family fun along the way, take a look at our recommendations for yacht trips and hotel stays on the beautiful Galápagos Islands. Read more